Mounir Bissat Factories, is one of the leaders in manufacturing Tahina and Halawa in Lebanon and the Arab world.

Founded in 1904 in the city of Sidon, Mounir Bissat Factories grew from a simple unit, employing five workers with a production output of 500kg\day, to a modern factory situated in the heart of Saida’s industrial Zone. The Factory complex is spread over more than 3000m2 of production and storage facilities, producing approximately 1500 tons\year of various products. 


Mounir Bissat Factories has succeeded in maintaining the excellent quality of its products in a very traditional industry without neglecting the latest technological advancement in machinery, and equipment.

Mounir Bissat Factories received several distinguished awards for the quality and unique taste of its products, such as:

  1. Search Institute Award for the top 100 exporters in Lebanon
  2. International Award Tradition and Prestige - Europe – Brussels
  3. 15th Golden Europe award for quality - New Millennium award – Paris
  4. 5th& 6th International Arab Trophy - Geneva

Mounir Bissat Factories is as export-oriented company, with more than 65% of its total production targeting consumers in the U.A.E., Kuwait, K.S.A., Oman, Qatar, Bahrain,Egypt,Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France,Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Venezuela, Malaysia, U.K, U.S.A and Africa. As such Mounir Bissat Factories has worked hard to maintain the highest standards of quality, taste and safety that enables it to export products to all these countries.


To strengthen this position, the company participates yearly in International Food Products Trade Fairs. Mounir Bissat Factories participated in : the 'Salon International D'Alimentation' SIAL in France as part of the Lebanese National Pavilion, ANUGA in Germany, GULFFOOD in Dubai, and New York Fancy Food Show in the USA and Horeca in Lebanon. This strategy has increased the company’s international exposure, allowed it to develop its export markets, and learn about the latest innovations and worldwide events in food production technologies, as well as the latest breakthroughs in food product development.

Mounir Bissat Factories products are continuously tested in the Lebanese Ministry of Health’s Central Lab, as well as in several private labs in Canada and the U.S.A. to ensure that the company’s various products adhere to the highest standards of health and quality.

Mounir Bissat Factories has prepared itself to face the new millennium challenges with a three-phases plan to modernize and expand its production facilities, taking into account the strict requirements for food hygiene and Good Manufacturing Processes. These steps will allow the company to enhance the quality of its products, with a focus on innovative solutions for packaging and product diversification, while consequently improving the productivity and profitability of the company.

Mounir Bissat Factories is part of:

1.   The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Saida & South Lebanon,

2.   The Association Of Lebanese Industrialists,

3.   The Syndicate Of Lebanese Food Industrialists.

4.   The Union of South Lebanon Industrialists


5.   The Trade Leaders' Club (since 1988)

Al Sanabel

Al Sanabel brand is a new product of the latest production line at
 Mounir Bissat Factories.

This new line uses modern technology in processing sesame, which ensures a significant reduction in operation costs. However modern technology cannot render the same genuine and traditional quality of the Al Bissat brand.  Therefore, the Al Sanabel brand will cater to the commercial side of the market while the Al Bissat brand will continue to produce the premium quality products that has achieved worldwide renown.